Dental Bridge Pros:

  1. Jawbone density is not a problem.
  2. Doesn’t require surgery.
  3. Affordable
  4. Less invasive as you can easily replace a tooth that has been missing for a while.

Dental Bridge Cons:

  1. Dental Bridges don’t replace the root of your tooth, thereby causing the jawbone to degenerate more quickly.
  2. The crowned teeth neighboring the space can be more vulnerable to decay. Placement of the bridge also requires removal of significant parts of the teeth neighboring the missing tooth or teeth.
  3. A bridge usually only lasts eight to 15 years before you will need to get it replaced.

Dental Implant Pros:

  1. Low Maintenance.
  2. They can last a lifetime.
  3. Stable and secure, and they feel, look and function like a natural tooth.
  4. Not only do implants protect your jawbone, but they preserve and stimulate natural bone growth.
  5. They can stand on their own without having to put a strain on your other teeth.

Dental Implant Cons:

  1. Requires surgery. Your dentist will have to surgically attach the implant to the bone.
  2. You can’t get a dental implant in one office visit because your bone takes time to heal, which means an entire implant procedure can take a few months.
  3. The cost varies depending on the condition of your tooth and the type of implant you receive. Even so, the higher price tag of an implant is often what holds people back from considering this procedure.