Exams & Cleanings in Carlsbad, CA

You can’t keep your teeth completely healthy and clean when you don’t visit the dentist. Unfortunately, plaque and other debris remain on your teeth, even after you brush. As bacteria rests on your gum line, it can irritate your gums and lead to gingivitis. Additionally, avoiding routine exams and cleanings in Carlsbad can harm your teeth as well.

At Smiles for Health, we offer dental exams and cleanings near you. Our dentist uses specialized tools to thoroughly clean your teeth while also evaluating your teeth for any issues.

How Often Should You Get Exams & Cleanings in Carlsbad

Generally, we recommend our patients come in every six months for a cleaning and examination. Usually, our dentist only performs x-rays once per year, possibly less or possibly more. If you have known dental problems or certain medical issues, you may need to have x-rays every six months. People without many dental problems may go several years without needing an x-ray.

What Happens During Exams & Cleanings in Carlsbad

When you come into our office for exams and cleanings near you, the first portion of your exam consists of our dental hygienist thoroughly cleaning your teeth using a high-powered electric toothbrush. Then, our hygienist scrapes any plaque or tartar from your teeth using a dental scraper.

Individuals who have gum disease may need to have scaling and planing, which consists of a specialist cleaning your gum line and underneath your gums.

You may also receive a dental x-ray. During this procedure, our dental hygienist has you place film in your mouth and bite down on it. Then, our dentist takes a picture of the inside of your mouth. It helps us diagnose cavities and other issues lurking inside of your teeth.

Finally, our dentist will come in and discuss your results and conduct an examination of your teeth. If you have any issues, we’ll schedule another appointment for treatment.

During any portion of your exam, you can ask any questions you have.

Why Choose Us

Our team genuinely believes in the benefit of receiving routine exams and cleanings near you. We encourage our patients to visit on a regular visit to keep their teeth and gums healthy and maintain a beautiful smile. Our dentist and entire crew feel passionate about making your experience at the dentist a pleasant one, so you’re more likely to receive exams and cleanings in Carlsbad as well as any other dental procedures you may need.

Schedule an appointment for a cleaning and examination with Smiles for Health, serving Carlsbad and the nearby region, by calling us today.