Veneers in Carlsbad, CA

Sometimes people possess a healthy smile but remain unsatisfied with how it looks. Media tends to bombard the average person with images of impossibly perfect models, actors, and influencers, so it makes sense that you might feel unconfident about your smile. However, many of these media personalities share the same secret: veneers.

If you would like to try this simple and semi-permanent cosmetic procedure, consider visiting Smiles for Health in Carlsbad. We offer professional, efficient treatment focused on your comfort and satisfaction, and also make use of some of the most modern technology available.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells placed over your natural teeth. These shells are made of porcelain or tooth-colored composite resin. They are used to whiten, reshape, or otherwise change minor characteristics of your teeth without requiring more in-depth cosmetic procedures. Veneers are often used to correct minor issues with the teeth, such as discoloration, teeth that are too long or too short, or small cracks.

What Are the Benefits?

Many of our patients in Carlsbad are uncomfortable with their smile’s appearance. While we at Smiles for Health believe the best smile is a healthy one, we also know self-esteem is important. The greatest benefit of wearing veneers is getting the smile you desire without needing smaller, more detailed procedures.

Veneers also last a long time. With proper care, the shields can last for twenty years, meaning you never have to worry about losing your smile. They are bonded to the teeth, so the shields don’t fall out, and you can eat and chew like normal. The veneer further resists tooth decay, so you don’t need to worry about developing cavities.

Who Can Wear Veneers?

Veneers are a custom dental solution that is handcrafted to suit you and your needs. Because they need to be affixed to the teeth, the majority of patients are adults who can make such a decision. Once veneers have been applied, patients will not be able to go back to their natural teeth. Patients will also need to have healthy teeth to be able to get veneers.