Oral Cancer Screenings in Carlsbad, CA

Oral cancer screenings are periodic inspections of the oral cavity by a qualified healthcare professional such as a dentist. During an oral cancer screening, our dentist in Carlsbad can determine the presence of symptoms associated with oral cancer and refer you to a cancer specialist. Early detection of oral cancer increases your chances of undergoing successful treatment.

What to Expect During Oral Cancer Screening

During your oral cancer screening appointment, our dentist in Carlsbad will begin by asking you a couple of questions regarding your medical history and lifestyle habits, among others. Remember to be truthful when answering these questions as this information will help the dentist when forming their professional opinion.

The next step involves a visual and physical examination of your oral cavity and associated tissues. That is, the dentist will look inside your mouth to check for warning symptoms as well as feel for lumps under your chin and around your neck.

The dentist may further ask you to rinse your mouth with a special dye that highlights any abnormal cells in your oral cavity.

Based on the outcome of this visual and physical screening, our dentist may give you the good news that you’re not showing signs of oral cancer or ask you to get a biopsy. Oral cancer screening is not diagnostic, and only a biopsy can ascertain whether you have cancerous cells in your mouth.

Usually, our dentist will refer you to an oncologist who can perform your biopsy. It’s only after a conclusive biopsy that you can begin your oral cancer treatment, if necessary. Our Smiles for Health dental team will continue to provide professional dental care, which is particularly essential for patients undergoing oral cancer treatment.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Screening

You should schedule an oral cancer screening because of the following reasons:

  • You have better chances of completing treatment successfully if your oral cancer is detected early.
  • If the dentist determines that you’re not showing any signs of oral cancer, then such knowledge is reassuring for you.
  • During an oral cancer screening, our dentist may identify other oral problems that could benefit from early intervention. For instance, we may catch a cavity while it’s still in its early stages.

Are you experiencing red or white sores in your mouth, difficulty when swallowing and chewing, unexplained bleeding, and painful jaws? If yes, call Smiles for Health today for your oral cancer screening.