Sleep Apnea Treatment in Carlsbad, CA

Sleep apnea affects your breathing while you sleep. You may wake up frequently throughout the night and not even know it. Often, you will wake up the next day and not know why you’re so tired.

Sleep apnea treatment from our dentist in Carlsbad can help open your airways while you sleep. Devices like mouthguards may reduce how many times you wake up, so you feel more refreshed the next day.

About Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea occurs when your breathing repeatedly stops while you sleep. If you have this sleep disorder, you might snore loudly. You might also notice you wake up throughout the night gasping for air. You could experience daytime sleepiness from not getting enough oxygen and waking up throughout the night as well. In addition, you could experience difficulty paying attention when you’re awake.

Diagnosing Sleep Apnea

If we suspect you may have sleep apnea, we refer you to a practitioner who can provide you with a sleep study. On the other hand, we can send you home with a sleep study kit from our dentists.

For an at-home test, you take a portable monitor home with you. It’s both small and lightweight. You must follow the directions. You connect the belt to your midsection, and the clip to your finger. You sleep with it on you, and it monitors your pulse and other important statistics. Then, you take your sleep apnea test to the lab for review. Once you have a diagnosis, you can visit a dentist near you to fit you with mouth gear.

Treatment of Sleep Apnea

If you’re looking for sleep apnea treatment near you, Smiles for Health can fit you with a mouthguard. In most cases, we provide you with a mandibular advancement device (MAD). Our dentist offers two different options and will determine the ideal one for your needs.

A MAD device looks similar to a mouthguard used for sports. It consists of metal hinges and one part snaps over your upper dental arch, and the other part connects over your lower dental arch. It prevents you from grinding and clenching your teeth. Moreover, the device fixes your jaw in place, so it keeps your airways open.

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