Dental Bridges in Carlsbad, CA

At Smiles for Health in Carlsbad, we are proud to offer a broad range of restorative procedures in addition to more traditional preventive and cosmetic treatments. One of our most efficient and comfortable options for patients who are missing teeth is the dental bridge, which can be completed in as little as two weeks. If you are struggling to do basic things like eating, chewing, or speaking, or are simply afraid to smile in public, then visit us today. You will receive quality treatment, a comfortable exam, and a relaxing environment where you can be open about your oral hygiene and concerns.

What Is a Dental Bridge?

Permanent tooth loss is a major issue in the United States. Sugary, processed foods form a massive portion of the average individual’s diet, and many people are terrible at brushing their teeth or flossing on a regular basis. As a result, 7% of the population has lost a tooth by the age of 17, and over half of the population has lost 12 teeth by the age of 50.

To combat this problem, Smiles for Health in Carlsbad creates dental bridges. The dental bridge is an appliance that consists of a synthetic tooth called a pontic. The pontic sits in your mouth with either wires that are hidden behind the teeth, crowns attached to permanent teeth, or an implant in the jawbone.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges offer numerous physical and emotional benefits. When someone loses too many teeth, their jawbone starts to thin, and they can experience a condition called facial collapse, which is when the soft tissues start to sink and sag. This is a result of no longer having teeth to support those tissues.

On the emotional level, we have noticed many of our patients experience poor self-confidence and low self-esteem as a result of missing teeth. Our staff at Smiles for Health does not judge, but many patients fear being ostracized in public. As a result, many avoid doing basic activities like eating, speaking, and even smiling.

We care about our patients, and therefore offer dental bridges that fit seamlessly into the mouth and are comfortable to wear.