Dental Sealants in Carlsbad, CA

Our natural teeth are solid, resilient, and give us beautiful smiles. One part of their design, however, can be considered a minor flaw. The presence of very shallow grooves and depressions in our teeth may be aesthetic, but it could be harmful.

Bacteria and other pathogens can occupy these grooves. This helps them hide from the hygienic effect of our brushes and toothpaste. At Smiles for Health, we believe that one way to minimize the risk of infection from these grooves is to use a sealant.

How Do Sealant Work?

Dental sealants are completely prophylactic. They’re never used to treat diseases, but rather to prevent them. Their mode of action is completely mechanical. It’s quite simple. Bacteria use the naturally occurring grooves to hide, so we seal them off using dental sealants.

When you apply a sealant, you leave no room for bacteria to multiply unharmed. Without these hiding spots, the damaging effects of bacteria will be seriously reduced.

Dental Sealant Recommendations

Dental sealant is recommended most in children and early teenage years. It’s during that time that a person is most likely to get dental caries. Ages 6-14, to be specific, are those we at Smiles for Health, Carlsbad recommend to get sealants.

Sealants last between 5-15 years. Your child may need more than one application of sealants if the first ones start to lose their consistency.

Premolar and molar teeth are the ones we apply sealants too. Their position makes them more vulnerable to infections.

Adults can also get sealants if they want. It can lower their chances of getting dental caries.

How Are Sealants Applied?

The application of sealants is one of the simplest procedures in dentistry. First, we make sure the tooth is clean. After that’s established, the sealant is applied. It won’t naturally adhere, so it’s exposed to a specific kind of light that makes it stick. You, or your child, can then go home and enjoy the rest of your day.

The procedure is completely painless. Local anesthesia is only needed if slightly aggressive cleaning is of your teeth is needed at the start.