Extractions in Carlsbad, CA

Most dentists try to save teeth before they extract them unless the damage to it prevents repairs. However, if an extraction is necessary, the dentist will explain the procedure and what to expect before doing it. Fortunately, with sedation methods available in dentistry today, most extractions do not hurt.

Reasons for Extractions

Sometimes the damage is too severe for saving teeth, so extractions are necessary. If a dentist doesn’t remove a damaged tooth, then it can develop infections that can make their way into your bloodstream and cause serious complications. Some of the most common reasons for extracting teeth are:

  • Severe decay that reaches the pulp, or center, of a tooth
  • Accidents that break a tooth or knocks it out
  • Damage due to periodontal disease
  • Impacted teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • To get dentures

Types of Extractions

Our dentists at Smiles for Health in Carlsbad put their patients’ comfort first. They can make you as comfortable as possible if a tooth is damaged badly enough that an extraction is the only viable option for it. There are two types of extractions, simple and surgical extractions.

Simple extractions are done at our practice by one of our dentists. We offer some of the best sedition methods to ensure our patients are pain-free during this procedure. It only takes a few minutes for simple extractions after your mouth is numb, so you can usually get back to your day afterward.

Referrals to Specialist

If you need a surgical extraction of one or more teeth, we will recommend an oral surgeon near you in Carlsbad that is on your dental plan. We want to ensure you get the best care possible from dental specialists in your network so that you will have fewer concerns.

Whether you have tooth decay or have had an accident and broke a tooth, contact our practice, Smiles for Health, for an appointment. We will examine your teeth to see if we can save them or see if an extraction is required.

If extracting a tooth is necessary, one of our best dentists will ensure you have excellent care before and after removing it.