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Onlays and Inlays in Carlsbad, CA

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Dentists, in their quest for dental wellness, uncover cavities during routine examinations. The customary approach involves the eradication of decay from the teeth, filling the void left behind. However, certain scenarios call for a more sophisticated solution – the crafting of an onlay or inlay, which firmly embraces the tooth’s apex, acting as a guardian against any impending decay or harm. Fascinatingly, do you possess the knowledge of the disparity between inlays and onlays?

What is an Inlay?

At Smiles for Health in Carlsbad, we offer a remarkable dental solution known as an inlay – a specialized dental filling precisely crafted by a dental laboratory to fit between the cusps of a tooth. When a cavity is detected, our diligent dentists embark on a meticulous process involving cleaning out the decay, often employing a drill, to ascertain the suitable type of filling required.

Should the choice favor an inlay, a mold of the tooth is meticulously taken and sent to the dental lab, where the inlay is meticulously crafted. The inlay itself can be composed of various materials like porcelain, gold, or composite, all adept at safeguarding the cavity against further decay while restoring the tooth’s full functionality.

During the second appointment, you return to have the inlay affixed to your tooth. Utilizing a specialized adhesive, the inlay is securely bonded within the tooth’s apex, providing an exceptional cover. Inlay emerges as a superior alternative to standard fillings when dealing with larger surface area cavities, fractured or broken teeth, or cases where insufficient tooth structure remains for a crown. Experience the transformative power of dental inlays at Smiles for Health, and let your smile radiate with newfound brilliance.

What is an Onlay?

Similar to inlays, onlays offer a splendid solution, bonding to the top of a tooth to conceal a cavity. However, the key distinction lies in their coverage – while inlays fit between the cusps of the tooth, onlays extend to envelop the entire top surface. Cusps, being the tooth’s points, dictate the placement of inlays and onlays. Some teeth boast two cusps, molars usually feature four, and others have none.

Within the confines of our Carlsbad facility, the onlay, like its counterpart inlay, is meticulously crafted by our dental lab. Your dentist adeptly takes an impression of the affected tooth’s top and forwards it to the lab. Once the onlay is fashioned and ready, a subsequent visit to the dentist awaits, where the onlay is securely cemented onto the tooth.

The durability of onlays renders them a long-lasting shield, offering protection for 10 to 15 years, seamlessly covering the damaged region while safeguarding your precious tooth. Experience the enduring strength and grace of onlays at Smiles for Health, as we embark on this transformative journey together, preserving and enhancing your smile for years to come.

Carlsbad CA Cosmetic Dentist

At Smiles for Health DDS, we take pride in extending a comprehensive array of onlays and inlays services in Carlsbad, CA, dedicated to restoring your damaged or decayed teeth and elevating your overall oral health. Our team of seasoned dentists possesses mastery in the latest dental technology and techniques, ensuring your onlays and inlays treatment is characterized by personalized care, supreme comfort, and utmost efficiency. Your journey with us unfolds as we offer comprehensive diagnostic testing, meticulous treatment planning, and the precise placement of custom-designed restorations that effortlessly blend with your natural teeth. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our use of high-quality materials, guaranteeing the longevity and durability of your onlays and inlays, culminating in the finest outcomes attainable.

Be it an onlay or an inlay, our devoted team of dentists stands ready to bestow upon you the care and attention imperative in achieving optimal oral health. Emphasizing patient education, we take the time to elucidate your treatment options, ensuring all your questions find comprehensive answers. With Smiles for Health DDS as your guiding light, you will embark on an empowering journey toward a healthy, resplendent smile.

In your search for a reputable dentist in Carlsbad, CA, offering onlays and inlays services, look no further than Smiles for Health DDS! Trust our team to furnish you with personalized care and unwavering focus on your journey towards a healthy, radiant smile. Waste no time – schedule your appointment today, and let the transformation begin, guiding you to a brighter, happier version of yourself.

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