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Using a Mouth Guard For Sleep Apnea

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Are you constantly struggling with sleepless nights due to the relentless grip of sleep apnea? The constant tossing and turning, the never-ending battle with fatigue, and the fear of choking in your sleep can be debilitating.

Fear not! There is a solution, a silent guardian that can come to your rescue—a mouth guard for sleep apnea. In this comprehensive guide, we will look more into the world of sleep apnea, exploring how these ingenious mouth guards work, their benefits, and much more.

By the end, you'll have a clearer understanding of how a mouth guard for sleep apnea can be your ticket to peaceful slumber.

Mouth Guard for Sleep Apnea: A Lifesaver in the Shadows

a woman blocking her ears withy pillow as her partner snores in bed

When it comes to dealing with sleep apnea, the term "mouth guard" may not immediately come to mind. Most people are familiar with the bulky CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines as a primary treatment option.

However, mouth guards for sleep apnea offer an alternative solution, and they are quietly revolutionizing the way we combat this sleep disorder.

How Does a Mouth Guard for Sleep Apnea Work?

A mouth guard for sleep apnea may seem unassuming, but it works like a champ. These small, custom-fitted devices are designed to be worn during sleep. Here's how they operate:

  1. Repositioning the Jaw: The primary mechanism usually involves repositioning the lower jaw slightly forward. This slight advancement opens up the airway at the back of your throat, preventing the collapse of soft tissues that cause apnea episodes.
  2. Improving Airflow: By keeping the airway open, the mouth guard ensures a consistent and uninterrupted airflow, reducing the number of apnea events during sleep.
  3. Reducing Snoring: One fantastic side effect is the reduction in snoring. As the mouth guard stabilizes the airway, it decreases the vibrations that produce those disruptive snores.
  4. Comfortable and Quiet: Unlike the noisy CPAP machines, mouth guards don’t make any noise, allowing you and your partner to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

Benefits of Using a Mouth Guard for Sleep Apnea

a man in blue shirt holding an Invisalign while smiling

Now that we understand how these devices function, let's explore their numerous benefits for individuals battling sleep apnea.

Improved Sleep Quality

Imagine a night where you don't wake up gasping for breath or struggling to find a comfortable position. A mouth guard for sleep apnea can provide that uninterrupted and restorative sleep you've longed for.

Enhanced Comfort

Say goodbye to the cumbersome CPAP mask and its associated discomfort. A mouth guard is compact, easy to wear, and you'll hardly notice it's there.

Increased Compliance

The discomfort of traditional CPAP machines often leads to non-compliance. In contrast, mouth guards for sleep apnea are more user-friendly, increasing the likelihood of consistent use.

Reduced Health Risks

Sleep apnea is not just about a good night's sleep. It's also linked to various health risks like heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. By effectively treating sleep apnea, you can significantly reduce these risks.


Mouth guards are portable and travel-friendly. You won't have to lug around a bulky CPAP machine when you're on the go.

Improved Oral Health

Dental professionals design certain mouth guards for sleep apnea, ensuring they don't compromise your oral health. They can even help with issues like teeth grinding (bruxism).

They Can Straighten Your Teeth

Some mouthguards work similarly as a retainer. Custom-fit mouth guards from your dentist’s office may help improve your smile and straighten crooked teeth over time.

They May Relieve Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder Symptoms 

Mouth guards can act as a cushion for TMJ-related clenching and relieve some of the related jaw pressure. TMJ disorder sufferers with more mild symptoms may start with a soft mouth guard.

They Protect Against Teeth Grinding

Mouth guards are often the first response for teeth grinding. While they won’t prevent you from the action itself, your teeth will get some protection from the additional buffer.

Mouth Guard for Sleep Apnea: A Tailored Solution

Now that you're aware of the benefits, you might be wondering how to get your hands on one of these customized mouth guards for sleep apnea. The process is simple:

  1. Consultation: Schedule a consultation with a qualified dentist or sleep specialist. They will evaluate your condition and recommend the most suitable mouthguard for your needs.
  2. Impression: A dental impression or digital scan of your mouth will be taken to create a customized mouth guard that fits your unique dental structure perfectly.
  3. Fitting: You'll return for a fitting once your mouthguard is ready. Any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure it's comfortable and effective.
  4. Education: Your dentist will educate you on how to use and maintain the mouth guard. Follow their guidance diligently for the best results.

How Much Does a Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard Cost?

A simple sleep apnea mouth guard can cost under $100, but it won’t do much for your sleep apnea. Customized solutions may cost in the thousands but are more effective in treating symptoms.

Your insurance may cover some, none, or all of a dental solution to your sleep apnea. Your dentist’s office can contact your insurance provider on your behalf and address coverage options with you.

There are several types of anti-snoring mouthguards out there. Some of these treatment options are more effective than others when it comes to sleep apnea, and some aren’t suitable for sleep apnea at all.

Note: If your sleep apnea is caused by a condition like tongue-tie or other underlying conditions, your physician, sleep specialist, or dentist’s office will develop a treatment plan to address those issues first.

  • Over-the-counter mouth guards: These simple mouth guards are more suitable for treating bruxism, or teeth clenching, and teeth grinding. A sports mouthguard is for specialized sports use and is meant to protect your teeth and soft tissues in your mouth.
  • Oral splint: An oral or occlusal splint works by protecting the mouth from bad habits while you sleep, including teeth grinding. It is not an effective treatment for sleep apnea.
  • Mandibular advancement device (MAD): MADs work by temporarily moving the lower jaw forward to improve airway space. The concern is that a MAD fails to address the underlying causes of sleep apnea and is not a permanent solution.
  • Tongue-retaining device (TRD): A TRD works by holding your tongue forward to prevent snoring and sleep apnea symptoms caused by a large tongue. While it’s easier for some to tolerate than a CPAP machine, it also does not address the root causes of sleep apnea.

A daytime-nighttime appliance, or DNA appliance, is often lumped into the same category as mouthguards, but it goes beyond most devices to address the underlying cause of OSA.

This FDA-approved dental appliance is a non-surgical way to widen your dental arches gradually. It works by giving your tongue room in your mouth, a common reason why your airflow is blocked as you sleep.

Smiles for Health: Your Destination for Dental Excellence

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image of a dentist performing a dental procedure on his patient

In conclusion, a mouth guard for sleep apnea is a silent savior for those grappling with this sleep disorder. It offers a comfortable and effective alternative to traditional CPAP machines, improving sleep quality and overall well-being. Remember, a restful night's sleep is not a luxury but a necessity for a healthy life.

Don't let sleep apnea rob you of a good night's sleep any longer. A mouth guard for sleep apnea can make all the difference.

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