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Category: Tooth Replacement

If it's Important to You, We Write About It

image of a person's mouth with missing teeth
Exploring Options For Tooth Replacement

Your smile is more than simply aesthetics; it is also about confidence and general well-being. Tooth loss may be disappointing since it affects your appearance and your ability to eat correctly and communicate clearly. Fortunately, present-day dentistry provides various tooth replacement solutions to help you restore your smile and enhance your overall quality of life. […]

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dental crowns
Enhance Your Smile and Strengthen Your Teeth with Dental Crowns

At Smiles for Health, we understand the importance of a healthy and beautiful smile. When it comes to restoring damaged or weakened teeth, dental crowns are an excellent solution. Dental crowns, also known as caps, are custom-made restorations that cover the entire visible portion of a tooth, improving its appearance and functionality. Let’s explore why […]

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root canal
When A Root Canal Treatment Isn’t Enough

At Smiles for Health, we understand that root canal treatment is often the best solution for saving a tooth that has been damaged or infected. However, in some cases, a traditional root canal may not be enough to completely resolve the problem. That’s where apicoectomy comes in—an advanced dental procedure that can effectively treat persistent […]

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save tooth root canal
Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment

At Smiles for Health in Carlsbad, San Diego, we understand that the thought of needing a root canal treatment can be intimidating. However, this common dental procedure is often the best way to save a damaged or infected tooth and avoid the need for extraction. What is Root Canal Treatment? Root canal treatment, also known […]

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saving tooth
Benefits of Saving Your Tooth

When your tooth is infected or diseased, it may seem like pulling it is the easy choice, especially if you’re in pain. But not so fast! Having that tooth pulled  may be the easy choice, but it may not be the best choice. Most people are unaware of the benefits of saving your natural teeth. The […]

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missing tooth
How Missing Teeth Can Lead to Problems

Have you ever been limited in what you can eat because of missing teeth? Or didn’t land your dream job because your confidence is hindered by a smile with missing teeth? Unfortunately, missing teeth problems like these impact more adults than you might think!  According to the American Dental Association, the average adult has three […]

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dental crowns carlsbad
Dental Crown 101 - Smiles For Health DDS

Tooth restorations in dentistry happen all the time. There is always a patient who is not happy with how his/her teeth look like. Tooth restoration is the basis of dentistry because it works on saving the natural tooth and maintaining it for as long as possible. What Are Dental Crowns? They are dental appliances used […]

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tooth extractions
What To Expect During A Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction can be a fairly quick and easy process: Step 1: You’ll receive a local anesthetic to numb your mouth, so you don’t experience any discomfort during the procedure. If your tooth is impacted—or you’re having several teeth removed—you may also receive a general anesthetic to make you sleep during the procedure. Step 2: […]

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tooth extraction
Reasons Why You Might Need A Tooth Extracted

Tooth Decay The build-up of tartar and plaque causes tooth decay. These deposits eat away at the enamel of the teeth, making them weak and brittle. If the condition gets bad enough, then an infection can develop, causing intense pain, swelling, and redness. Once a tooth reaches this point, it may be necessary to completely […]

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filling inlay onlay crowns
What’s The Difference Between A Filling, Inlay, Onlay, & Crown

Dental Filling VS the Inlay In theory, these two can often be used interchangeably, but inlays are typically reserved for much larger cavities. They both involve removing the existing cavity with a drill and filling that space, but how that space is filled is where they primarily differ. With a filling, an amalgam or composite […]

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Reasons Why Your Teeth Hurt

Anyone who has experienced tooth pain knows the sooner it can be relieved, the better. Feeling pain is not normal and can indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. If your teeth hurt, it is always a good idea to quickly see your dentist. They can then do a thorough examination and answer the […]

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root canal treatment
Prepare For A Root Canal

You don’t need to do much to prepare for a root canal procedure. Depending on the type of sedation you’re having, you might need to avoid eating just before your appointment, and you might need someone to drive you home. Let us know about any medications you’re taking prior to your exam. Most root canals […]

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