Are over-the-counter whitening strips not cutting it anymore? Not getting the results you want from whitening toothpaste and trays? Well Zoom Whitening might be the treatment for you! While the procedure can cost more than at-home treatments, the results typically last longer, requiring fewer follow-up treatments.

Zoom teeth whitening can give you brighter teeth in as little as one appointment. While some of the at-home whitening treatments do work, they very rarely yield the same results as a professional treatment. Now there are many benefits to Zoom whitening, like achieving a natural whiter smile. Continue reading to learn more benefits on Zoom whitening.



Zoom teeth whitening can be extremely beneficial for anyone looking for instant, professional results. Unlike your at home whitening kits, your dentist is able to give you a noticeably whiter smile in under an hour. Like the name suggest, Zoom teeth whitening is a quick procedure and can easily fit into a busy schedule. We recommend scheduling a consultation with us to determine if Zoom whitening is the right choice for your smile.

If you have some slight tooth discoloration, then we will paint on a whitening varnish onto the surface of your teeth. Then we will apply a quick-drying sealant and wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes have passed we will wipe away the varnish and reveal your noticeably whiter teeth.

If you are someone who has severe tooth discoloration, then we might have to break up your treatment into 3 sessions that will last 15 minutes. Instead of the procedure listed above we will apply a whitening gel to your teeth, and then shine a special lamp onto your teeth to accelerate the teeth bleaching. This light works to break down the hydrogen peroxide in the gel in order to lift the tooth stains and whiten your teeth.

Now depending on the amount of tooth discoloration, we  may recommend porcelain veneers or other cosmetic dentistry options over Zoom whitening. For example, professional teeth whitening may not be the best choice for discoloration caused by dental fluorosis (mottled teeth caused by excessive fluoride intake).Getting dental veneers would be able to cover the front of your teeth giving you a confident smile.

Once the procedure is over, you will get special care package so you can relieve pain and maintain your white smile from home.

The Zoom! teeth whitening process is quick and effective. The results will show immediately and is able to remove stubborn stains and drastically brighten yellowed teeth.


Depending on the extent of your tooth discoloration, we may be able to give you supplies that you can take home to whiten your teeth. If you fall into this situation then we will take an impression of your teeth creating a custom whitening tray. Having this whitening kit at home will allow you to whiten your teeth whenever it is convenient for you. No having to rearrange your whole schedule for treatments.


If you have sensitive teeth then you will still be able to have Zoom whitening. The whitening gel and varnish used is formulated to not irritate your teeth and gums. Now you may experience some “zingers” or brief flashes of pain during treatment. If you are willing to experience some temporary discomfort for the benefit of whiter teeth then you might give Zoom a shot. You should also keep in mind everyone has different pain tolerances and different experiences. Just because one person has had a negative experience doesn’t you will have the same reaction to Zoom whitening.

If you do have sensitive teeth, then we are willing to work at a pace that’s comfortable to you. This way, you can feel comfortable and in control of your treatment plan.

The Zoom! Whitening Procedure

  1. Your lips and gums will be covered and protected, exposing the teeth for the whitening procedure.
  2. Then we begin applying the hydrogen peroxide gel onto your teeth.
  3. A UV light is used to further activate the gel and speed up the whitening process. With the lamp will be turned on in 15-minute intervals and repeated 3 times.
  4. Lastly, a fluoride gel will be applied to the teeth to reduce sensitivity after the procedure.
  5. See your results- Immediately after the procedure, your teeth will be impeccably white, before fading to a natural, bright shade within a couple of days.

The results of the Zoom! teeth whitening system can last for several years, but results vary with each treatment. This depends on your teeth, the amount of discoloration, and your lifestyle,. Smoking, eating colored foods, candies, soda, and the natural process of aging can discolor your teeth over time. However, whitening maintenance is another option.

At Smiles For Health we offer Zoom whitening and other cosmetic dentistry services so you can smile with confidence. Call today to schedule your appointment!