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Get Your Smile Fixed Before the National Smile Month

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Every year, between May and June, the Oral Health Foundation and the Oral Health of America organization sponsor a campaign geared to promoting oral health. This year the month-long campaign will be held between 18th May and 18th June. The campaign seeks to share three key messages:

  • Use a fluoride toothpaste twice a day
  • Avoid consumption of sugar, especially at night
  • Have regular dental checkups

As you practice the crucial points mentioned above, it is vital to addresses your smile problems, and at Smile for Health dental clinic, we have the solution. We offer smile makeover services that may help you fix your smile imperfections. Our smile makeover services can benefit in different ways:

1. Restore Your Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Although the enamel is durable, it can, at times, crack or chip due to a direct injury to the mouth. Cracked and chipped teeth are not only unsightly but can cause tooth sensitivity. Not only that, but it can also give room for bacteria to fester. Dental bonding helps to restore the integrity of your teeth.

Dental bonding is used on minor cracks and chips. The procedure involves the application of composite resin on the affected teeth. You only need one dental visit for the teeth to be fixed. With proper care, bonding can last for seven to ten years.

Dental veneers can also be used in severe cases. Veneers are thin shells applied on the surface of the teeth to restore the appearance, size, and shape of the teeth. Veneers last longer than dental bonding—ten to 15 years.

2. Get Rid of the Stains on the Teeth

Sometimes teeth discoloration is inevitable because of age. Additionally, other factors, like overconsumption of coffee, tea, and wine, smoking, and certain medications, can discolor your teeth. Teeth whitening is, therefore, at times, necessary for improving your teeth.

You can use either at-home whitening kits or get professional teeth whitening treatment. Both of these options can provide the desired results, but we advocate for professional treatment.

Not only will it give you faster results, but in-office treatment is safe. Our dentist in Carlsbad, CA, will take the precautionary steps to protect the gums from sensitivity.

3. Replace Your Missing Teeth

Nothing dampers your smile like gaps in between your teeth. But, more than that, missing teeth affect your dental structure causing the teeth to weaken. Therefore, replacing your teeth is more than a cosmetic procedure.

Several options are available such as dental bridges, implants, and dentures. All these dental treatments can replace your teeth, but they are different.

Dental bridges are a noninvasive option that requires two to three dental visits. The procedure involves cementing the artificial teeth in place. Dental bridges are durable and with proper care can last for 15 years.

Dental implants offer a permanent solution as the titanium screws are fixed to the jawbone. You, however, need to have enough jawbone for the implant surgery to be done.

Dentures are either partial or full and are a perfect option if you have multiple missing teeth.

4. Align Your Teeth Properly

Overcrowding, crossbites, underbites, and overbites can be fixed with braces. We offer Invisalign to help align your teeth to the correct position. These are clear and removable aligners that work similarly to the traditional ones.

5. Remove Dental Cavities

Poor dental hygiene and consumption of sugar are the primary cause of dental decay. The treatment we use will depend on the level of decay. For mild to moderate cavities, deep cleaning, scaling and root planing may be done. Root canal treatment is also a treatment option if the decay extends to the teeth cavity.

We do tooth extraction for severe dental decay or when the teeth cannot be saved.

Take Away

Having a bright smile is great for your appearance and dental health. Therefore, take the necessary steps to fix any imperfection you might have.

At Smile for Health dental clinic, we offer smile makeover services and damaged teeth treatment. You can also benefit from our wellness dental care, so contact us or visit our clinic for more information.

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