You may know that brushing your teeth is a great way to keep your breath fresh, but there’s so much more to good oral hygiene than that benefit alone. At Smiles for Health, we’ve helped countless patients achieve their optimum oral health through the use of preventive dentistry in Carlsbad. Keep reading to learn how these same techniques can help to preserve your smile for a lifetime!

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Cleaning

One of the cornerstones of preventive dentistry is professional teeth cleaning. Even if you strictly adhere to the American Dental Association’s guideline of brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, you’ll need to take the added step of professional cleaning to keep conditions such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, and enamel loss at bay.

When you schedule an appointment for an annual cleaning appointment (or more frequent if you are already experiencing any of the conditions mentioned earlier), the dental care team will be able to perform a cleaning in between your teeth and around your gums which is much more thorough than anything you can accomplish at home.

Even if you use an electric toothbrush or other equipment as an added precaution against dental decay and infection, it is still recommended that you visit a dentist in Carlsbad, such as Smiles for Health, for a professional cleaning since the procedure also includes a visual, oral cancer screening.

In fact, the Mayo Clinic recommends that you “see your dentist regularly” as a way to reduce your risk of this type of cancer being undiagnosed, especially since a dentist is more likely to notice any precancerous changes to your mouth than you would by looking into a mirror at home.

What Your Gums Are Trying to Tell You

Your gums should never bleed when you brush or floss your teeth. If you’re experiencing any bleeding, it’s time to make an appointment for a professional cleaning and oral health exam. Bleeding gums are most commonly associated with excessive bacteria build-up around your gum line, and if left untreated, the condition will escalate to tooth loss and gum disease.

Instead of worrying about that eventuality, why not make an appointment today with Smiles for Health to schedule an exam or tooth cleaning appointment in Carlsbad?