Everybody wants to have that perfect smile. Unfortunately, this can be a genetic unavoidability for some people making it impossible to have a naturally straight smile. Thankfully orthodontic technology, like braces, can make your smile straight. Now for some really good news is, over the years orthodontic technology has improved. In the past the only option was to get traditional wire braces, but nowadays we have several different solutions to help people of all ages straighten their teeth.

Knowing which option is the best for you can be difficult to decide which is the best way to straighten teeth. This can be dependent on several different factors like how much correction you need, your lifestyle, and your budget.

At Smiles for Health Dentistry, we offer two alternatives to traditional braces: Invisalign® and SureSmile®. In order to determine which option might be best for you lets take a look at the features of each system:

Invisalign works by using a series of clear aligners to move your teeth. These aligners are made with Invisalign’s own patented, thermoplastic material called SmartTrack®.

How Are Invisalign Trays Made?
The first step is to schedule an appointment at Smiles for Health Dentistry. During this appointment we will take a 3D scan of your teeth and calculate treatment plan specific to you. We will even show you exactly what your teeth will look like after your treatment is complete. After the appointment we send your scans to Invisalign and they will then create a series of aligners designed for you.

Once we receive your aligners back from Invisalign then you will come back into Smiles for Health to give them a test run. Invisalign actually trims each aligner by hand and tests them as part of their quality control process to ensure the perfect fit to your mouth.

Finally, we can begin your treatment. Each aligner will be a little different than the one before it. You will wear each aligner for about two weeks before you switch to the next one. Throughout this process your teeth will slowly start to shift and move. After around 9-15 months, depending on your treatment place, you will have your brand new smile!

SureSmile is another type of clear aligner system. What makes this option different is that it is anything but traditional.

How Are SureSmile Braces Made?
To start this process you will need to visit us at Smiles for Health and we will discuss your treatment plan. During this first consult visit, we will take a 3D scan of your teeth. Then, we will design your ideal bite with the SureSmile Treatment Planning Software. And then we will take all of this information and data and send it to SureSmile for analysis. Once they are equipped with the detailed map of your current and future bite, then sure SureSmile will get to work.

SureSmile aligners are designed to shift your teeth into the optimal position in the shortest period of time. This means of achieving tooth movement is much more precise way than the old one-size-fits-all braces of the past.

Benefits of SureSmile and Invisalign Clear Aligners

  • No more visible wires in your mouth! These clear aligners are practically invisible. You are able to straighten your teeth at home, and everywhere you go, without anyone even noticing.
  • They are removable! Unlike wire braces, you can actually take these out to eat drink, and care for your teeth.
  • They are easy to clean them. You might be surprised to know that the process of cleaning your clear aligners is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is brush them with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.
  • These aligners are low maintenance. Unlike traditional wire braces, there’s no need for frequent adjustments. You will just need to visit us roughly every six weeks to ensure that everything is on track with the plan.
  • The comfortable factor. These aligners are designed specifically for your teeth which should mean a perfect fit. Once you get used to them, you will most likely forget that you’re even wearing aligners.
  • No need to change your diet. Because these clear aligners are removable, that means that no foods are off limits. Unlike with traditional wire braces you are able to continue to eat whatever you want.
  • They won’t disrupt your daily life. Since these aligners are clear and discrete, nobody will even notice or make comments about them. They won’t affect your ability to eat, sleep, or speak. You can even play sports while wearing them.
  • They are very versatile and can be used to treat almost any smile, whether your mouth is crowded or your bite is off.

How Much Does it Cost to Straighten Your Teeth?

In order to give you a proper and accurate quote for the cost of teeth straightening, we will need to evaluate your bite and determine which treatment option is best for your mouth. Are you ready to straighten your teeth and fall in love with your smile? Give us a call to get started!

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